Grow Rich Using SMS


Do you know how to make money with SMS or Short Message Service?

Do you want to grow rich using SMS?

Do you know how to use SMS to …

  • reduce costs and
  • save precious time and money in normal business operations?

Do you want to easily…

  • collect email addresses…
  • and phone numbers of prospective customers and existing customers
  • and quickly build a big contact list to increase your profits?


Email marketing may not be very effective now.

A lot of people do not regularly check their emails.

They may not see your emails which are buried under other emails.


SMS marketing is much more effective.

You can immediately send out special offers to people in your list…

and expect to get very fast response from them.

Another major advantage that SMS marketing has over email marketing…

There is no need to have a smart phone or internet connection to use SMS.

A lot of valuable time is saved.

Do you know you can use a special SMS system to…

  • easily and quickly get people to make seat reservations for events
  • send them instant confirmation and reminders
  • enable them to easily and quickly register on the day of the event
  • saving a lot of time so that unnecessary hassles are avoided?

Do you know that you can really generate money with the special SMS system…

  • get ROIs of many hundreds percent in only a few short months and
  • quickly grow rich using SMS?

Do you know you can use the system to …

  • easily sell information which is in great demand to the mass market and
  • easily collect payment from the buyers and
  • you can make 6 or 7 figures profit?

If you want to find out more, you can email your enquiries…

to the email address on the Contact Us page.


You can also send in your enquiries by SMS.

Just type a new message as follows…

ezinfo enq yremail yrname yrquestion

For example,  ezinfo enq alex what is investment cost?

SEND TO phone number 32828.

You will receive instant SMS confirmation of the receipt of your enquiry.

A small amount of RM0.50 will be deducted from your phone credits.

This is to deter many people from sending repeated non genuine requests.

There will be no other deductions.

You will not receive any spam.

If you have questions or comments you can send email to