GST In Malaysia Seminar


GST Seminar … Nearer than you think… Managing Business Risks


This  26 November 2014 GST In Malaysia seminar is over.

All the attendees have gone home each with…

  • a 165 pages copy of the GST TAX ACT 2014
  • a big file of notes about 3 times as thick plus
  • a certificate of attendance.


The attendees have learned how to…

  • understand important GST matters
  • manage business risks
  • prevent unnecessary leakages
  • prevent loss in cash flow
  • avoid unnecessary big losses in time and money.
  • be very careful to prevent non compliance
  • and avoid serious penalties of heavy fines or jail terms

from a very experienced and highly qualified tax consultant.


There are many requests for information which was presented, especially…

from the people who were not able to go to the seminar.


Some of the presentation slides on important points and also other

useful business tips have been compiled into a small ebook, to enable

many people to easily refer to them at any time.




You can get this ebook easily and quickly …in 3 simple steps


1) Take your phone. It does not have to be a smart phone.

Any model will do as long as it can use SMS or Short Message Services.

Internet connection is not required.


Type the following message…

gdms ee1525 yremail yrname

eg      gdms ee1525 alex

SEND TO phone number 32828.


2)Check your email after you receive an instant reply on your phone…

A one-time small fee of RM5 will be deducted from the phone account.

The system is not able to take more money from your account.

The RM5 is charged only if the request for the ebook is received.

If you keyed in wrongly, there is zero charge and you can try again.

You will not receive any spam.


3)Download the ebook from the link in the email.


All the 3 steps can be completed within a few minutes to get the ebook.

This is easier and faster than going through online payment gateways.


The system works with the 3 major telcos Celcom, Digi and Maxis.

A gmail address is preferred.

This may not work with yahoo mail.


If you have any questions, you can send email …..

using the email address on the Contact Us page.

You can also write in with your comments and suggestions on specific

GST topics and aspects on which you would like to have more information.