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You can also advertise your business here.

You can read more on the Free Advertisements page.


Are you interested in wellness business and earn US dollars?

You can read more on the Wellness Business page.


If you are interested in a new e-commerce business opportunity,

you can find more details on the E-Commerce Business page.


You can also find other business opportunities for you to make

money if  you want to work with us to add value to our businesses.


You will also be able to find special offers where you can buy some popular

products and services at greatly discounted prices.


Do you want a website which is similar to this one to be  built for you?

The website can be tailor made to suit all  your requirements.

It can be used for blogging or to promote your business.

You can now get started with a hosting package of only about 10 dollars a year

which is over 70% discount from the normal price.

Do not miss this great offer which is valid until end of December 2014 only.

You can send email to inform us of your requirements for discussion.


If you are interested in SMS business which can help you make more money…

you can read more on the Effective Marketing Tactics page.


Anyone interested in joint venture to have ebooks created...

to be sold on our ebooks store website to promote your businesses?

You can contact us for further discussion.


We are involved in several types of businesses and working with many experts

and partners in different major industries. Many of our business partners are

very successful and powerful people and have very big networks.


We can help you to get sellers and buyers for your products and services and also

get more customers for your businesses for you to make more profits.


If you are interested to work with us for mutual benefits or if you have

questions, you can send email using the address on the Contact Us page.


The following are the major products and services we are dealing with…


Jobs Placements

We are now looking for a total of 9  IT experts for a well established oil company.

There is also one vacancy each for accounting clerk, accountant and HR officer.

You can read more details on the Cyberjaya IT Jobs page.


If you are looking for other non IT jobs, you can still contact us

and we can find positions to fit your qualifications.


All the recruitment has been outsourced to a very experienced agent…

who is trusted by the oil company.

You cannot apply directly to the oil company.


GST In Malaysia

You can read about a GST seminar and ebook to help you to

  • manage business risks
  • avoid unnecessary time and money losses

You can read more on the GST In Malaysia page.


Property Wanted

If you have any property for sale and it meets our requirements which are

described on the Property Wanted page, you can write in for discussion.


Land For Sale

If you are looking to buy land, you can go to the

Land For Sale page.


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