October, 2014

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GST In Malaysia


GST will be officially implemented in Malaysia on 1st April 2015…

which is now less than 6 months away.


Do you fully understand what effects it will have on your business operations?

Do you know what steps to take so that you do not suffer from unnecessary leakages…

and lose your precious time and money?


Are you completely ready for GST?


Do you know that you will need to comply with all the procedures…

which have been set by the Malaysian Customs…

or you can be heavily fined or even sent to jail?


You can read more on the GST In Malaysia page.



Cyberjaya IT jobs


Are you looking for Cyberjaya IT jobs in a very well established oil company?

Do you want to have a job where you can earn a high salary?

Do you want to enjoy flexible working hours?

And where you can negotiate to work at home and avoid the terrible traffic jams?

Do you like to be paid overtime at generous rates if you work more than 8 hours a day?

Do you want to be involved in working on projects in a very well established company?


Are you an IT expert with several years of work experience in project management…

and consultancy areas.


The 3 vacancies now available are for project manager, consultant and analyst.

The jobs are contracts for one year.


The jobs really exist but you cannot go directly to apply…

because all the recruitment work has been outsourced to a trusted job contractor…

who has completed millions of dollars worth of contracts.


If you are interested in high pay, flextime IT jobs…

you can go to the Cyberjaya IT Jobs page.